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Autumn/Fall, the Season to go Camping

Autumn fall camping cover

Camping is loved by many people across the world. Spend the time with your friends and family doing nothing productive just relaxing and having a grand time. I’ve enjoyed camping since I was a young boy but hated it during summer. I couldn’t seem to enjoy it in anyway, I would constantly be sweating and feel sticky and towards night I felt like the swarms of mosquitoes only liked me! I felt like when I tried to go to bed I was just in an extra-large easy bake oven. So, I started to not like the thought of camping until I went one weekend in the fall and found that everything I despised was basically gone! Hardly any bugs, not sweating unless I was just running around nonstop and sleeping was so comfortable, I could just bundle up in my sleeping bag. The scenery also made a huge impression on me, I thought that it was beautiful during the summer but man being in the woods in fall was a whole other world. Being able to enjoy the campfire and having s’mores with my family. So, here is why you should definitely go camping during these fall months!

Crisp Cool Weather

Camping in the fall has some of the best benefits, such as cool weather at night. When camping, choosing the right time can be a little tricky. You want to pick a date range that’s weather is not too hot, but also not too cold so you can still enjoy your time in the wilderness. Fall is the prime time for camping as its usually hot enough during the day to take a nice brisk swim in the lake, but cold at night so you can huddle around the campfire.

The Bugs

Fewer bugs is a significant impact for why I love fall camping. With the chilly temperatures, it tends to drive off most annoying insects in search of a warmer area. Keeping a bottle of bug spray is always a great idea for the stragglers.

Who Holds Your Heart

Whenever you want to take that special someone camping with you, fall is the absolutely the best time! Enjoying the cool mountain air and running around together all day. Then as the sun slowly sets you start to get closer as the temperature lowers. Sitting by the fire, side by side nothing could make the night any better. As it gets times to go back to your tent for the night you can cuddle all night long with your love.

Amazing Sleep

Getting good sleep when camping during the summer is basically unheard of. You usually are sticky, sweaty and stinky even right after a shower. The tent feels like an easy bake oven slowly cooking you, but sleeping in the fall is better than sleeping in your own bed sometimes. With the cool air, you can get all covered up and just listen to the beautiful noises of nature.

The Scenery

The scenery is absolutely breath taking. While nature shows how it can beautifully change colors and trees start losing their leaves the views can stretch for miles. This makes for some of the best photos possible and great fun, jumping in leaf piles and searching for the coolest looking leaf. There’s just nothing like fall camping.

Get Out and Go!

Camping is a blast no matter when you choose to go. A chance to escape the crazy day-to-day lifestyle to relax in the middle of the great outdoors, you can’t really go wrong. Plus going in the fall makes it so much more enjoyable and fun filled! Pop up your tents, hang the hammocks and live a little! Don’t let momentary problems ruin lifetime memories. So, get out and make some memories this fall!

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Written by Kolby Priebe

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