Access & Gadgets Ozone Generator, Lithium Battery Powered Odor Elimination System for Your Deer Hunting Gear Bag with Powerful Triple Oxygen Scent Crushing Technology at the Molecular Level

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Harness the power of nature’s air purifying mechanisms and breathe HEALTHIER AIR in your home with this breakthrough technology.

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Harness the power of nature’s air purifying mechanisms and breathe HEALTHIER AIR in your home with this breakthrough technology.

Removing Bacteria, Germs, and Viruses: Disease-causing substances like bacteria, germs, and viruses are often hiding in plain sight. Places like the kitchen sink, bathroom floor, TV remote, and even the salt and pepper shakers can all hold bacteria and germs, increasing the likelihood of sickness in your home. Ozone generators, however, have proven abilities to remove many disease-causing substances by attacking the contaminants at the molecular level.

Removing Odors: One of the most common uses for ozone generators is the removal of odors. In the same way that it attacks mold or bacteria cells, ozone gas will also attack the physical airborne cells that make odors. Using ozone gas is often a last-ditch effort to remove an odor. When other techniques, such as cleaning solutions and scented air fresheners fail, having ozone concentrations can be used to “shock” the room.

Killing Mold and Mildew: Using ozone air purification to “blast” or “shock” mold and mildew is a common commercial practice. Airborne mold spores can be harmful to health, especially the lungs and respiratory system. Mold and mildew can trigger asthma and allergies, so removing them is always a top priority. However, mold removal often requires the removal and demolition of building materials, including wood framing, sheet rock, carpet, and ceiling panels. With ozone generators, mold can be removed in a relatively quick and affordable fashion.

✅This compact yet powerful Ozone Generator from Access & Gadgets is designed to eliminate all scents and odors from hunting clothing and hunting gear including human (body) odor, sweat, bacteria, chemical, and smoke
✅EASE – No filters to buy…ever. Never worry about whether your air purifier’s filter is almost out or deal with the hassle of purchasing and replacing an expensive air filter. Breathe easy knowing that your generator filter-less technology purifies your air without any costly maintenance or any cleaning required
✅MAXIMUM CONCENTRATION – Don’t let it’s mini size fool you. The Access & Gadgets ozone generator will eliminate all bad smell, kill all sorts of bacteria, disinfect and sterilize, remove nasty odors and provide a fresh and clean atmosphere in gym bags, wardrobes, shoe cabinets, refrigerators, toilets, hunting and camping bags
✅PROVEN TECHNOLOGY – It uses a microprocessor to sterilize the surrounding space at regular intervals. It is safe and does not produce any secondary pollution and it generates minimum ozone at a rate of 2 mg/h.
✅Efficient – The generator is battery powered, portable and designed to work in any where you place it. Lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides 6 hours run time. Standard micro-USB charging cable included. Ideal to use in your fridge, hunting gear or any other place















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