Double Camping Hammock by Traveler Fantasy, Complete All-in-One Set, Portable and Lightweight – Includes Double Parachute Hammock + 2 Heavy Duty 10′ Straps + Super Strong Carabiners

$99.99 (as of April 22, 2018, 12:57 pm) $49.95

Get your Traveler Fantasy Parachute Hammock – the ultimate travel accessory! With your all-in-one hammock you’ll be able to turn the world into your bedroom (or living room).


Get your Traveler Fantasy Parachute Hammock – the ultimate travel accessory! With your all-in-one hammock you’ll be able to turn the world into your bedroom (or living room).

Our hammock kit comes with 2 ultra-durable, adjustable 10′ tree straps and 2 super strong carabiners to easily setup and secure your hammock wherever you are.

Plus, it’s spacious and sturdy enough to comfortably fit 2 people (up to 500 lbs.), with its roomy 9′ x 5′ capacity.

We know what you’re thinking..

Q: The package is great! Quick question, who on earth are you guys?

A: We’re a small group of avid backpackers and ex-military guys who wanted to put together the complete package for spontaneous, lightweight travel.

Q: There are some really good hammocks out there, is yours as good as you say it is?

A: We demand the best quality, so that’s exactly what we created:

-Our lives depend on the same HIGH-QUALITY, LIGHTWEIGHT, yet SUPER STRONG parachute material we use in the army. We use nothing less.

-Our time is valuable, so we include everything you need (plus more), so you are ready to go. Our mission: to help you spend less time setting up, and more time having fun.

-Everyone likes a choice, so we’ve made the pack available in an assortment of colors, for whatever catches your eye.

Q: Everything sounds amazing! If I want some advice, who can I speak to?

A: you will speak to us personally, not some operator in another country. Rest assured, you’re receiving a top-quality service.

The Hammocks are Suitable for:













Set up your Traveler Fantasy Hammock wherever your heart desires!


✔ ARMY-GRADE DURABILITY – Double hammock safely and comfortably fits 2 people, while premium quality, high-endurance parachute nylon is triple-stitched so it’s ultra durable, yet breathable and soft. That way, no matter whom you’re sleeping with, you’re guaranteed to get a heavenly night’s sleep.
✔ SUPER PORTABLE – Floating in at just 1 pound, our nylon hammock is light as a feather and packs down into a compact bundle for easy storage. Includes built-in quick tie, drawstring, and compression sack to easily take your hammock with you everywhere.
✔ QUICK & EASY SETUP – Our All-in-One Hammock arrives with everything you need for hassle and stress-free setup. Never worry about being short of rope or wasting money buying extras – this baby comes with 2 adjustable straps and 2 high-tensile carabiners, so it’s ready for use straight out of the box.
✔ MULTI-USE FUNCTIONALITY – This Hammock Kit is perfect for every occasion. Whether you’re camping, exploring the great outdoors, chilling out inside, boating, hiking, backpacking, swinging in the back-yard, getting away on the deck, wanting a sanctuary to relax, read, and sleep, or looking for the perfect gift, our versatile hammock provides endless opportunities for fun and relaxation. Plus, conveniently store your valuables in the “Peace of Mind Pocket” while you’re swinging away :).
✔ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We are fully committed to providing you top-notch customer service. Reach out with a question or just to say “hi”, and we will personally get back to you within 24 hours. And, if for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, we’ll gladly refund your money and you can keep the hammock as a gift. No questions. No stress. We promise.


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