Elephant XuJet Torch Butane Gas Lighter Windproof For Solder Cigar Camping Grilling NEW

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Applications: Cooking and Catering, Factories, shops, ordinary civilian, outdoor travel and so on

Type: Micro torch
Wall thickness: 20mm
Working pressure: 12Pa
The number of interchangeable tip: 12
Gas capacity: 6.8g
Time: 45min
Flame temperature: 1250 ℃
Welding / cutting thickness: 100mm


1, DIY
2, heat shrink or soften the material
3, model, small jewelry processing
4, metal welding repairs using local
5, lit charcoal barbecue
6, kitchen use, Kera and so on

Package include:

1 x Gas Torch

Note: the gas gun fire need to fill the gas fuel to use. For product transportation and safety considerations, prior to delivery of the goods suppliers will put the gas inside the drain off, so then customers buy need to fill their gas to use.

How To Refill

First you will need to get yourself some gas. Any tobacco shop, or even petrol stations should sell these.
On the bottom of the torch, there is a small hole the size of the head of a needle. Insert the straw from the gas canister in there as you would, and
hold both – the torch and gas upside down for a little while as you’re refilling. This process shouldn’t take very long, otherwise the butane starts leaking out.
Be sure to let the lighter rest before use, and wipe everything – including your hands – down just to be safe.
To use the torch, you press the trigger at the end and keep a hold of it. Or if you would like, there is an OFF/LOCK switch to save you from keeping
the trigger on hold yourself. You can regulate the heat and the flame with a switch on the right.
Remember to wipe the lighter down, and your hands if any butane has leaked!
THE ASTONIHSING MICRO BUTANE TORCH, is made from the most superior light-weight materials. Wall thickness: 20mm,Working pressure: 12Pa,The number of,interchangeable tip: 12,Gas capacity: 6.8g,Time: 45min,Flame temperature: 1250 ℃,Welding / cutting thickness: 100mm.
RADIANT LIGHTING WITH FLAWLESS FLAMES! Added to your ideal torch with ecstatic light, is a Butane flame that can be adjusted according to your personal needs.
REPAIR, MEND OR COOK WITH YOUR BUTANE TORCH. The possibilities with this small, but exceptional product is endless. Even soldering, plastic binding or cooking can be done with ease.
WINDPROOF FLAMES FOR PRACTICALITY! Even when working outdoors, this splendid micro butane torch can get the job done. Whether it’s soldering water pipes or lighting the fire.
Fuel: refillable with butane (not included in product)












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