Bottle Blasters Water Bottle Cap – Mobile Shower, Pet Shower Sprayer, Pet Bath Tool, Portable Camping Shower Outdoor, Hiking Bladder Accessory


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We have solved the problem of clean ups and cool offs on the go!

Our Bottle Blasters cap allows you to use an everyday bottle of water to conserve and increase the flow of water, creating a shower stream effect. 90% of bottled water has one of two cap sizes. Our TWO-SIDED Bottle Blasters cap fits both.

If it doesn’t fit snug, flip it over because there are two different thread patterns. We’re made in the U.S.A. We have tons of uses for your new Bottle Blasters cap, such as:

✓Perfect for backpackers to wash up or wash hands before dinner or cool off on a thru-hike

✓Attaches to the popular camping bladders and collapsible water bottle brands such as Platypus, Baiji, Survivor Filter and others to create an outdoor camping shower

✓Clean up dog’s muddy paws and use it as a mobile dog shower or as a water dispenser for your dog on walks. If you live in LA or NYC, no more drinking from the public bowls and having your pup get sick!

✓Great for cleaning mud or blood off of archery arrows, outdoor processing, or washing hands while out in the woods hunting

✓No more fishing bait and tackle stuck on your hands when fishing off the dock, this is the perfect fishing accessory for cleaning hands after dealing with fish/bait

✓Use it as a mobile cool off water hydration sprayer in the hot days or for kids football and soccer practices

✓Give your kids a bottle of water without having it spill everywhere

Why we’re different

We donate over HALF of our profits to local and international ministries. Check out our website for more!

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Backpacking accessories, hunting accessories, outdoor processing, deer cleaning kit, osprey accessories, hiking water bladder, camping bladder, dog accessories, outdoor shower kit, camping shower, portable camping shower, dog rinser, mobile dog shower, dog hydration.

Our patented Bottle Blasters water bottle accessory cap attaches to your water bottle to create a shower stream conserving 90% of water vs. a normal bottle
Creates an outdoor shower kit for cleaning dirty hands, convert a water bottle into a kid water bottle, great as a dog rinser on the go.
Dual-sided water bottle cap with two different thread patterns for 90% of the most popular water bottle brands such as Dasani, Smart Water, Ozarka, Deer Valley, Fiji, Nestle etc.
Built in lobster clasp on our Bottle Blasters cap so you can put it on your keychain, hiking backpack, diaper bag, or travel bag. Made in the U.S.A.
Is a great addition to your hiking water filter, hiking water bladder and hiking water bottle, providing an easy solution for water conservation on day hikes.