KEMP Travel Camping Cookware – 10pcs Backpacking Cooking Equipment – Compact, Lightweight Anodized Pot & pan – Nonstick Cookset – Hiking Mess Kit – Outdoor Gear- Camp Kitchen – Camping Utensil Set


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KEMP Travel Camping Cookware Set –  is a solution of all problems connected with cooking products out in nature. Camping cookware anodized outdoor is a real treasure and that’s why.


The camping cookware pan and pot are made of anodized aluminum, a safe material that doesn’t harm your health, even when using it regularly. A non-stick surface lets you avoid sticking while cooking.


The kit includes Non-stick pot, Non-stick pan and a cap with tube to protect from burns, 2 plates, a stainless steel spoon/fork, soup spoon, wooden scapula, a sponge for easy cleaning, firestarter and a  nylon travel bag. The handles of the camping pot and pan are long and foldable and save a lot of space. A travel bag, in which you can pack anodized cookware compactly is made of nylon (it’s sturdy and waterproof), and it attaches to a backpack easily. You don’t have to waste backpack space (it’s not always enough) and you can take everything that is necessary for camping cooking. Ultra-light equipment – additional joy for a tourist.


Are you looking for a gift for your friends or family? Camping cookware is a great gift, which will be loved by anyone who loves taking time out in nature. High-quality, functional equipment with an attractive design – that’s a real find. Low cost is an added bonus. Buy it right now!

Quality and safety. Anodized aluminum is used. It’s a safe (FDA approved) material that is durable and absolutely safe even after long usage. The products inside such a dish cook quickly and don’t stick. Camping cookware is anodized, durable and sturdy.
The best purchase/best price. KEMP Travel camping cookware set includes Non-stick pot, non-stick pan and a cap with tube to protect from burns, 2 plates, a stainless steel spoon/fork, soup spoon, wooden scapula, a sponge for easy cleaning, firestarter and nylon travel bag. You can buy them at a very attractive price. All the camping cookware two people need while communing with nature or traveling in a trailer.
Space economy, compactness and ultra lightness. All the components of the camping cookware mess kit can be folded easily and stored compactly in one place. The camping cooking equipment can be folded comfortably in a camping bag, which is included in the kit. Just fix the bag on your backpack for comfortable transportation. Ultra-lightness and compact sizes – even a child can carry the camping cookware mess kit in a backpack. A pan and a frying pan have long, foldable handles.
The Best gift for you, your family and friends. An ideal gift for those who like resting in nature. This camping cookware kit is perfect for camping, hiking, tourism and want to be ready for emergencies. It can be a part of a survival kit as well.
100% Satisfaction guaranteed . High-quality, durable and very comfortable. This camping cookware and accessories add comfort to your rest and help you solve any problems connected with cooking in nature.