Luxe Tempo 1.5-2 inch Camping Mattress Suede Self Inflating Sleeping Pad Tent Sleeping Mat Wide Non Slip Cozy Suede with Great Cushion


Designing Note


Designing Note

A good night’s sleep means everyting for a pleasant camping trip.
If you sleep cold and are looking for camping pad with extra width and cushioning;
or camping pads which are warm enough for 4 seasons use and ensure most comfortable camp-trip nights;
Then this luxurious version of Luxe Tempo self-inflating sleeping pads are the best option for you

Features This version of luxurious camping pad filled with high quality foam which can recover fast from a long-time compressed state,
while pads filled with weak foam will be collapsed and loose the ability to re-expand over time.
That’s why some pads can’t be self-inflated after a few camping trips .
A well tuxtured suede with tiny short fleece surface makes this pad quieter and resist heat loss,it is a great companion of sleeping bags fro winter camping.
But this feature will not cause overheating in summer.
Brass valves will not crack in freezing cold,or deformed in heat.It performs well in most conditions and offer air-tight seal.
Tips of Usage A new mattress has been compressed for a long time,so be patient and allow some time for the foam sells to be fully expanded when self inflate it for the first time.
Some customers also suggest to blow a few breaths of air to speed up the fully inflation process and get the right firmness you need. We always endeavor to create comfortable sleeping space for avid outdoorsman.

Luxe Tempo ,the name of your home in wilderness

Sleeping pad Dimensions:2*26*74 inches
Shipping Weight:5.2 Lbs
Pad Type :Self-Inflating
Valve Material:Twist Brass Valve
Insulation Type:Open -cell Foam
Surface Fabric: Suede
Bottom Fabric:75D Polyester
Seasons:3-4 Season
Best Use:Camping,Mountaineering,Alpine
Advanced Material – Non-Slip Microfiber suede achieves a pillowy soft sleeping surface and can work with any sleeping bag to provides warmth and silent sleep while keeping them in place even if you are a restless sleeper;Abrasion-Resistant Reinforced Polyester bottom greatly increases the pad durability
Unrivaled Home-style Comfort,Stability and Support- Filled with High-Grade polyurethane open cell foam with expanding core ;2 inches cushioning is fully attached to the surface and the air will evenly permeate throughout the whole pad instead of ballooning at certain spots, and provides reliable insulation from the cold hard ground;27.5 width fits most body figures
Non-corrosive High Volume BRASS VALVE allows for easy inflation and super fast deflation,and performs well even in frozen environment;Wide Welded seams for extra durability and prevents air leak
This Luxurious Sleeping Pad,vastly superior to budget traditional pads, is a great place to rest on your camping trips and adventures; It can also be used as a bed replacement for guest or kids; Designed to deliver great service for years whenever you need it
Accessories :Stuff sack,compression elastic straps;repair kit with adhesive patches