10 in 1 Paracord Survival Grenade Fishing Kit with Fire Starter


Is your Bug Out Bag complete?

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Is your Bug Out Bag complete?

The Paracord Survival Grenade is a 10 in 1 Survival Fishing Kit that includes a Fire Starter and it fits in your pocket. In short, if you’re stranded in the middle of no where you’ll still be able to catch and cook a fish. Here is a breakdown of the kit.

PARACORD – can be unbraided over 9 feet long – This rope has been tension tested at over 350 pounds. Need to mend a tent of boot lace? No problem.

COMPASS – The Compass is on the outside, and can be useful to glance at on a hike or backpacking trip when you don’t have a trail, or you get lost.

FIRE STARTER ROD – This magnesium rod can be scraped and used up to 1000 times. Use the shavings from the magnesium rod on the cotton tinder to start a fire in any conditions.

EYE KNIFE – Cut line, clothes, Gut your fish, or use it as a flint with your fire rod.

HOOKS, WEIGHTS, SWIVELS, AND LINE – These are the basics you will need for a rudimentary fishing pole. Will it be pretty? No. Will it be awesome? Yes.

CARABINER – Lightweight but heavy duty. Use it to hang a bear bag or to hang your grenade from a pack.

The ONLY Survival Grenade on Amazon with a Lifetime Warranty.
The perfect survival gifts for outdoors lovers and preppers. Get yours while they last.

Reminder If you open the Survival Grenade Fishing Kit, it’s hard to re-wrap the Paracord. If you want one for your bug out bag and one to play with, I suggest you buy more than one. Use Holiday promo code 9NVCMQOC to save when you get 2.

These won’t last, take action before we run out!
PARACORD can be unbraided over 9 feet long
COMPASS to find your way home
FIRE STARTER KIT is equipped with magnesium fire rod for multiple uses
EYE KNIFE for precision cuts and can create sparks
SURVIVAL FISHING KIT includes HOOKS, WEIGHTS, SWIVELS, AND LINE to assemble your basic fishing pole


















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