Camping Lantern Outdoor LED Portable Camping Lights Mosquito Repellent Hurricane Lantern


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Now you’re ready for your next camping trip or an emergency with Tour Pal Camping Lattern Portable Solar Camping Lights Mosquito Repellent Pest Control Hurricane Lattern with Power Bank for Android and iPhone

1.Three charging modes supplied:solar,battery or directly DC/5V charging.The LED camping lattern will make the camping bright and outdoor working unlimited,bringing you a joyful journey.This solar camping lantern is equip with dual mode control,it can be used to light or drive mosquito in simple way.(built-in 2000mA battery can provide 8-12 hours continuous illumination)

2. The camping lights is with dual mode control,when stretched,it turn on. Switch gear can decide the choice to light or drive mosquito.

3. Compared to the traditional camp lamp,this lantern lights is more smaller in volume,lighter in weight and easier to carry. It is your best choice in the daily life or camping.

4.This lantern lamp adopts principle of solar photons which can drive the mosquito flee away.And it is non-toxic,tasteless and non-radiation,so it’s really environmental project,energy-saving and healthy. It is an ideal environment friendly mosquito repellent lamp.

This new solar mosquito repellent lamp can be carried,placed or hung.Tape of imitating Oil lamp can be widely used in outdoor camp,in the tent,night tour,fishing,hunting and so on. At the same time,it can be used as light in journey.


1.firstly used,please charge more than three hours
2.Normal bulbs can’t be used at the same when the lattern is working.It is better to keep 5 meters away from other light bulbs,because the wavelength will be changed and the mosquito will can’t be drive away.

3-way powered camping lantern is perfect for outdoor use or during emergencies
Powered via three different methods including solar,battery or directly DC/5V charging.Our camping lattern’s unique DC/5V charging will be more safe and energy-saving.
Mosquito Repellent:camping lanterns with solar photons design which can drive mosquito flee away.It is non-toxic,tasteless and non-radiation,environmental,energy-saving and healthy
USB Charge:Our LED camping lattern with power bank can charge your phone with USB when your phone was out of charge during your trip
Foldaway Handles: Suspend the lantern light or carry with ease. Ideal for outdoor trips or emergency events