WaterVault Neoprene Bottle Holder, Adjustable Detachable Strap, Shoulder Sling & Hand Carrier Available in 2 Sizes: Regular & XL fits 1 Liter Hydro Flask Type Bottle


Deluxe Bottle Carrier by WaterVault, Neoprene Water Bottle Holder & Sling



Deluxe Bottle Carrier by WaterVault, Neoprene Water Bottle Holder & Sling

Hands free sling or hand held carrier…..the choice is yours

Lightweight and super comfortable, this water bottle carrier has an adjustable shoulder strap that is completely detachable allowing you to clip the 2 D-buckles together creating a soft comfortable hand held bottle carrier. 

Patent pending design is made of premium grade neoprene that stretches and securely holds in place your favorite beverage. The neoprene sleeve can accommodate a wide variety of bottles or cans up to a 4.25” in diameter and up to a 12″ circumferance in the XL model and offers a degree of added insulation which will help keep your favorite beverage cooler or warmer longer than if you were just carrying it in your hand. An added benefit is that the sling will reduce the condensation or sweating that happens with many plastic and single wall bottles in hot weather. The adjustable shoulder strap is great for fitting any size of adult and children too. Available in a variety of colors.

Comes complete with a 90-day worry free warranty, we think you’ll enjoy the ease, comfort and freedom the Deluxe Bottle Carrier provides.  Be sure to check out the added savings discounts available below under ‘Special Offers and Product Promotions’. We love our customer and we think you’ll love the Bottle Buddy.  Click the ‘add to cart’ button now and enjoy for years ahead. 
The Water Vault Deluxe Bottle Carrier is a lightweight, comfortable sports water bottle holder that you can wear over the shoulder, cross chest as a sling or as a hand held carrier by removing the detachable straps and snapping the buckles together; the perfect insulated bottle holder with a 56″ fully adjustable strap
Available in two sizes; Regular fits any bottle up to a 3.25″ diameter and a 10″ circumference, XL size fits any bottle up to 4.25″ in dimeter and a circumference of 12″ including 40oz hydro flask styles; Regular size fits most 12oz, 16oz, 20oz, 24oz and 26oz bottles; XL fits 1-liter and 40oz bottles; Great for stainless steel and plastic bottles, sport and energy drinks; just choose Regular or XL; the neoprene stretches to accommodate most bottles
Go hands free or use without the straps as a comfortable hand held carrier, constructed of soft insulating neoprene, the same material used in wetsuits; insulates your beverages for longer periods of time and reduces condensation build up (sweating)
Perfect for walking, running, hiking, biking or anywhere in your travels; attach to your backpack and walk or ride unencumbered with the adjustable and removable shoulder strap; suitable for adults and children
Available in a variety of colors; black, grey, army green, pink and purple; 90 day hassle free guarantee with proof of purchase



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