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Enlightening And Educative Top Camping Safety Tips

Enlightening And Educative Top Camping Safety Tips


Are you going camping soon?

Camping is always fun and enjoyable provided it is done in the right manner.

Regardless of your gender or age, choosing the right camping location will let you enjoy the outdoors that much more! Going camping with your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors or anyone else you know you will have a good time with.

Most camping sites are in remote places and as a result, it is relatively harder to find some of the basic things you might need. You will need to ensure that you put safety among the most important things during the camping trip.

Here are the top camping safety tips that will ensure you are totally safe while camping in the outdoors.

Drink Plenty of Water

Your body needs a certain quantity of water every day for it to function properly. This is our number 1 Camping Safety Tip because you cannot survive without water. When camping the body will require even higher quantities of water especially if you are sweating. Because of this, it is paramount to ensure that you are properly hydrated. You might be camping in places where there are no sources of fresh water.

While camping in such places you need to carry enough water depending on how long you anticipate the camping trip to last. It is advisable to carry excess water in case the trip lasts longer than you had anticipated. You can also carry other things that can keep your body hydrated such as fruits that can last for a few days without going bad. This will ensure that your body is sufficiently hydrated and healthy during the entire trip.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Since you are camping in remote places it is always important to make sure that you have an emergency kit. The importance of this is that you might get injured while camping and before you get to a hospital you will require emergency care. It does not mean that you have a plan to be injured. But it only means that in case you are injured or gets sick because of the change in whether you will be able to get emergency care. You should not assume that the other people you are camping with have emergency kits. Instead, you should ensure you have your own so that you can be assured of getting the right care whenever you need it.


People usually don’t take, planning seriously before camping. Don’t get lazy on pre-planning, before going on a camping trip, it is always important to ensure that you have planned properly. One of the first things I do to pre-plan before I go camping is finding a camping checklist. I don’t know how many times a simple checklist has saved me. As a part of the plan you will need to know how long the trip will last and the people you will be going with. This will help determine the things you will need to carry during the trip. Another good reason to plan is so you don’t carry unnecessary camping gear, that will slow you down or break your back.

Not only you do you need to plan for your camping trip, you also need to plan for someone to take care of your home. This is very helpful especially if you are going to have someone take care of your children or pets. You don’t want to have to cancel your trip or scrambling to find a house sitter the day you go camping. Planning is one of the most effective safety tips because you will have done analysis and decided what to carry on your trip.

Pack Extra Supplies

Even if you have planned properly you might experience different types of emergencies which will mean that you will need more supplies that you might have planned. You can even get separated from the group you are camping with and such situations mean that you need more supplies. With extra supplies, you will be able to comfortably survive even if the period of the camping trip is extended. You do not need to carry bulky things, but you just need to ensure that you have extra supplies in case of an emergency.

Safe Fire Practices

prepare for fire
You will need fire to keep warm, cook and for light. This is especially if the temperatures are low and you require a source of warmth. The fire also helps in security purposes because it keeps certain types of animals away. But you need to make sure that the fire does not put your safety at risk. You need to only light fire in places where it cannot spread easily even if there is no one watching the fire. It is also important to keep things which are flammable away from the fire at all times. If possible make sure that there is someone observing the fire even at night when the rest of the group is asleep.

Wildlife Awareness

If you are camping in a place with potentially dangerous wild animals it is important to observe the necessary safety measures. Most animals will not bother with you unless you provoke them. Consequently, try to stay away from the animals as possible. You can also get a professional guide who can even carry a gun to provide you with the necessary protection. While sleeping makes sure that there is a person ensuring that the wild animals do not harm you. This way you will be assured that your hiking trip is safe and you will not be harmed by wild animals.

Take a Map or Compass

While camping you can easily get separated from the other people you are camping with. You might think that this is not a camping safety tip, but it can save you from getting easily lost mainly because the paths you use are not used on a regular basis. In such a situation you will need a map or compass to let you know the right direction you need to follow. In case you do not know how to read a map or follow the compass direction you need to train yourself before going on the camping trip. You can even train yourself on the internet and it will take just a few minutes.

Check Weather

There are certain seasons that are more popular when it comes to camping. If you go camping during such seasons you will be almost guaranteed that the camping trip will be enjoyable. But the weather is usually unpredictable especially during the current days. Consequently, you will need to be properly prepared to ensure that you have carried the right things for the weather you anticipate. During the sunny days, the nights are usually very cold and you need to be properly prepared for this. You can easily check the weather even from the media or make inquiries from people who are conversant with the area you plan to go camping. Therefore, by following the outlined safety tips you will be able to make your camping trip more enjoyable knowing that you are properly prepared and you are completely safe.

Camping Safety Tips Infographic

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